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Cinnamon roll sweetella

Offer price€4,60

Without a doubt the best gluten-free cinnamon roll without refined sugars you have ever tried. Its soft texture and perfect touch of cinnamon with our light cream cheese mousse and our incredible sweetella spread (hazelnuts and pure cocoa) will surprise you. Cocoa is rich in selenium which helps improve cognition and memory. Hazelnuts provide antioxidants, support heart health and lower blood sugar. Instead of butter we make it with extra virgin olive oil, rice flour that provides fiber, controls blood glucose and cholesterol levels and helps with good digestion. It is 100% handmade, without additives. Perfect for a snack, dessert or treat of the day.

Allergens: Eggs, soy, corn, dairy, nuts

Cinnamon roll sweetella
Cinnamon roll sweetella Offer price€4,60