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Brownie - Vegan BrownieBrownie - Vegan Brownie
Brownie - Vegan Brownie Offer price€7,95
Brownie - Protein BrownieBrownie - Protein Brownie
Brownie - Protein Brownie Offer price€7,95
Brownie Pistachio KetoBrownie Pistachio Keto
Brownie Pistachio Keto Offer price€7,95
Cinnamon rolls tasting boxCinnamon rolls tasting box
Cinnamon rolls tasting box Offer price€24,00
Carrot cakeCarrot cake
Carrot cake Offer priceFrom €6,90
Mango Parchita Turmeric CheesecakeMango Parchita Turmeric Cheesecake
Mango Parchita Turmeric Cheesecake Offer priceFrom €6,90
Choco Banana Red BerriesChoco Banana Red Berries
Choco Banana Red Berries Offer priceFrom €6,90
Classic cinnamon rollClassic cinnamon roll
Classic cinnamon roll Offer price€3,90
Cinnamon roll cream
Cinnamon roll cream Offer price€4,20
Cinnamon roll Dulce de lecheCinnamon roll Dulce de leche
Cinnamon roll Dulce de leche Offer price€4,60
Cinnamon roll Chia Forest FruitsCinnamon roll Chia Forest Fruits
Cinnamon roll Mango passion fruit and turmericCinnamon roll Mango passion fruit and turmeric
Cinnamon roll sweetellaCinnamon roll sweetella
Cinnamon roll sweetella Offer price€4,60
Cinnamon roll tamarind coconut and cinnamon
Cookie Keto Chocochip
Cookie Keto Chocochip Offer price€4,75
Cookie Chocolate Keto
Cookie Chocolate Keto Offer price€4,75
Cookie Cinnamon Keto
Cookie Cinnamon Keto Offer price€4,75
Double Chocolate Keto CookieDouble Chocolate Keto Cookie
Double Chocolate Keto Cookie Offer price€4,75
Cookie Keto Pistachio BlueberriesCookie Keto Pistachio Blueberries
Keto dulce de lecheKeto dulce de leche
Keto dulce de leche Offer price€9,75
Keto 3 milks
Keto 3 milks Offer price€8,50
Keto Caramel Chocolate CakeKeto Caramel Chocolate Cake
Keto Caramel Chocolate Cake Offer priceFrom €6,90
Keto Cheesecake Forest Fruits ChiaKeto Cheesecake Forest Fruits Chia
Keto Cheesecake Forest Fruits Chia Offer priceFrom €6,90
Keto Coco Velvet CakeKeto Coco Velvet Cake
Keto Coco Velvet Cake Offer priceFrom €6,90
Keto Triple Chocolat Keto CakeKeto Triple Chocolat Keto Cake
Keto Triple Chocolat Keto Cake Offer priceFrom €6,90
Keto Vanilla and Nuts CakeKeto Vanilla and Nuts Cake
Keto Vanilla and Nuts Cake Offer priceFrom €6,90
Lemon ketoLemon keto
Lemon keto Offer priceFrom €7,95
Chia Forest Fruit Jam
Chia Forest Fruit Jam Offer price€8,75
Mango Orange Ginger Jam
Mango Orange Ginger Jam Offer price€8,75
Mango Parchita Turmeric Jam
Mango Parchita Turmeric Jam Offer price€8,75
Tamarind Coconut Cinnamon Jam
Pan briochePan brioche
Pan brioche Offer priceFrom €9,10
Venezuelan Ham BreadVenezuelan Ham Bread
Venezuelan Ham Bread Offer price€26,00
Venezuelan Turkey Bread
Venezuelan Turkey Bread Offer price€28,00
Pan keto Masa MadrePan keto Masa Madre
Pan keto Masa Madre Offer priceFrom €11,70
Pan Keto seedsPan Keto seeds
Pan Keto seeds Offer priceFrom €9,50
ExhaustedKeto Cream King's CakeKeto Cream King's Cake
Keto Cream King's Cake Offer price€3,00
ExhaustedMixed keto king cakeMixed keto king cake
Mixed keto king cake Offer priceFrom €26,00
ExhaustedRoscón de Reyes Keto without fillingRoscón de Reyes Keto without filling
Roscón de Reyes Keto without filling Offer priceFrom €18,00
ExhaustedKeto Truffle King's CakeKeto Truffle King's Cake
Keto Truffle King's Cake Offer priceFrom €26,00
ExhaustedTraditional King's CakeTraditional King's Cake
Traditional King's Cake Offer priceFrom €18,00
ExhaustedTraditional Cream Roscón de ReyesTraditional Cream Roscón de Reyes
Traditional Cream Roscón de Reyes Offer priceFrom €22,00
ExhaustedTraditional mixed Roscón de ReyesTraditional mixed Roscón de Reyes
Traditional mixed Roscón de Reyes Offer priceFrom €18,00
ExhaustedRoscón de Reyes Traditional TruffleRoscón de Reyes Traditional Truffle
Roscón de Reyes Traditional Truffle Offer priceFrom €26,00
Sweetella KetoSweetella Keto
Sweetella Keto Offer price€9,75
Custom cakes (classic)Custom cakes (classic)
Custom cakes (classic) Offer price€0,00
Personalized tarts (Cake Topper)Personalized tarts (Cake Topper)
Truffle Carrot (zanahoria)Truffle Carrot (zanahoria)
Truffle Carrot (zanahoria) Offer price€2,50