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About us

LE SWEET was born from the passion for pastry of our chef Isis González and the philosophy of leading a healthy and balanced lifestyle by Carlos Fuentes🔥

😊 We met and decided to jump into the adventure of creating a unique pastry, made with a lot of care and love! 💙

A pastry concept where there are no excuses when it comes to enjoying a sweet treat because we make Conscious Pastry! 🍪✨

All our options are low in calories, Keto, suitable for diabetics, vegan, with the best ingredients for your health 😮 how do you feel? 

We make pastries that nourish and take care of you, and do you know what is the best? It is incredibly delicious 😎 we continue working to bring our products to every corner of Spain.

where the magic happens

Our workshop

In our store you can find the sweets you have always dreamed of, with low-calorie, Keto options, suitable for diabetics, vegans and in general for you, who take care of yourself and pamper yourself.

Unique ingredients

Founding partners

Isis Gonzalez

Hello! I am Isis Gonzalez, Venezuelan, entrepreneur, lawyer & translator. My great passion is pastry, I came to Spain to study at Le Cordon Bleu. 

I like to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Hence the idea of ​​creating a conscious pastry shop, for all those who, due to health or lifestyle, do not eat gluten or cane sugar. 

Come and I'll match you with our sweets! Shall we stay?

Carlos Fuentes

Hello! I am Carlos Fuentes, Spanish, 

 CEO of Le Sweet, law graduate, Trader & Entrepreneur.

I lead a healthy lifestyle and practice Calisthenics. 

I want to show you that it is possible to enjoy a dessert, healthy, guilt-free and delicious. I invite you to visit Le Sweet and surprise yourself, what are you waiting for!

Our team

Corina Rios

Hello, I am Corina Rios! 

Venezuelan, graduate in English Philology, teacher and passionate about pastry.

I decided to be part of this project because I had to make a radical change in my professional life and because I loved the philosophy that le sweet proposes of a conscious, gluten-free pastry shop. Healthy and really delicious.